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Taxotere Question....


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Guest kay64

that is one of the side effects listed but they didn't say fall off, said they could discolor from the med. my husband had 6 rounds of it with the carboplatain and nothing happened to his nails, his hair fell out after the third treatment, he was rather sick from all of it but would bounce back after about a week and a half. Hope this helps. KAY

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My husband Dave has had three Taxotere sessions now and still has his hair ,Thank Goodness. His nails seem fine too. He has been feeling very tired and is off his food because of that awful taste in the mouth but," so far, so good!"

Paddy .

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I had 5 rounds of Taxotere and my nails did not turn black, but they did do some interesting things. First they got this ridge on them, if you've ever had fake nails put on, you know when they start to grow out it is flat by your cuticle and a "bump" for the rest of your nail. That's what happened first, now that I've been off Taxotere for about 1 month, my nails have pink and white stripes! No kidding, kinda like a tree, a stripe for every treatment! I think they are very "cool" looking. :lol:

Sometimes you just have to go with the flow!

Good Luck!


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