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mom has heartburn really bad


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Hello to you all and I hope you or your loved one is doing well.

For those of you who follow what happens with mom, I wanted to tell you the latest. The doc told us a couple of weeks ago that without chemo she has about a month or so, with chemo we will have " a few more months". We started chemo last Monday, Taxatere(sp?), she goes once every three weeks.

After monday she has been exhasted(i live in ky, we can't spell.... :lol: ) she is too tired to shower and I have to make her food for her now. She was doing very well a couple of weeks ago and had gained 2 lbs. yeaaaa. Isn't life funny? I never thought that I would be excited about gaining 2 lbs.

Anyway, she is in a lot more pain now. The oxy used to work, not anymore. I don't sleep at night, I want to make sure I give her the percocets as often as she needs them. She is supposed to take them every six hours, I give them when she needs them.

She has started coughing more than ever. I don't know what, if anything that means. I'm worried tho.

The heartburn is the worst. She always has it, nothing helps and I've tried everything I can think of. I haven't found anything that will give her any kind of relief yet. If anyone can think of something I would really appreciate it. I also worry about it .... does anyone know if I SHOULD be worried. After the Neurontin thing.... I trust y'all more than the docs. Just because you guys are going through all of this crap.... the docs have just read about it. It seems to me that my mom is just a file in a big cabinet with all the other files. Not a person or a mother.

k... enough whining....

Thanks again..... hope y'all have a good day.

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When my dad was put on decadron, it didn't take long before he got serious heartburn. When we saw the neurologist, he gave dad a perscription to counteract the heartburn because it was a side effect of the decadron. He said that if we hadn't said anything, dad would probably have gotten an ulcer. I was annoyed that the oncologist never said anything about it when he put him on the decadron to begin with. The neurologist said that it is a very common side effect, and that it could be excruciating. I'd give the docs a call and ask them to phone in a perscription, I don't remember the name of Dads perscription off hand, but the meds Rosanne mentioned sounded familiar. Good luck. Take care, Deb

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