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David A

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From what I understand, Ry was so mistrusting of you, she took her little IV pole and everything and went in search of you -- all the way to Ann Arbor Michigan just to verify you weren't off playing hookey!!!

You know, Becky is her favorite, so she gives HER special privileges. You, on the other hand, were not trusted without verification. :wink:

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Gee, David...I don't ask to leave, I get crap, I DO ask for a pass, I get crap... Seems like no matter what, I'm going to get sh*t from you...

You leave me with no choice, I need to borrow Cookieman's steel-toes and come dance on your head...

I ain't screamin' at Ry, I KNOW how to dial the phone and that the no-phone cell phone plan doesn't work if you don't live next door to who you're calling...

Geez, I swear...you guys! Tell you to play nice and look where you are, whinin'... Ya know, you COULDA taken a boat down to poor Katie, but NOOOOOoooo, you had to stay home and give me crap...

Oh boy, David...I'm about to get medieval on you.... I'll give you your choice, the rack or the iron maiden...


I'm back...

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Smart girl, Ry. I wouldn't mess with Becky either, at least not on paper. I'm a fast typist so I could compete there, but I definitely could not keep up with her wit and humor - half the time I don't even know what she's talking about because it's over my head! I would love, however, to get my husb. on here. He's also good with quick and witty responses, and great with words, jokes and humor. The only trouble with that is that then we would have to deal with a Snowflake AND a Snowball. Oh my, now that's a scary thought! :lol::lol::lol:


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