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My anniversairy


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It was exactly one year ago today that my thoracic surgeon told me, after telling me three times over six months that I did not have lung cancer, “you have small cell lung cancer.” I remember it like it was yesterday. Boy has it been a long year. But after chemo, chest radiation, PCI, early delayed radiation encephalopathy and an ongoing battle with radiation pneumonitis, I’m back at work and can honestly say that I feel better now than I have since the first day of chemo.

One year doesn’t mean that much in LS-SCLC. I’m still six months away from the median survival and I know that most recurrences happen in the second year. But I’ll take it anyway. The pneumonitis is slooooooowly improving, I think, but as I tell everyone, having to breath supplemental oxygen is better than not breathing at all.

I thank God every day for this day and for each future day, whether it be one or ten thousand.

I wish all of us were doing as well and pray every day that you will.

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Dear Sam,

I'm happy to see you've passed the one year mark. Mine happened on April 4th. I have the same situation as you ls-sclc. In reading your message i was a bit taken back. I didn't know 1 year was just the median mark and that most recurrences happen in the second year. has me a bit upset :shock: but then again my dr. did say that i'm not in the clear for 2-3 years. maybe in my head i choose to forget this whole thing sometimes. Many days i do feel good, almost normal. i find it hard to believe that i have (had?) this horrible problem. anyway, God bless you, keep up the fight 8)

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I am so happy that you are celebrating that first year . The next Thoracic Onocology meeting is in September. I do believe that you, having experienced lc first hand could give quite a lecture to the group. I know I have a new perspective since going through all this. I see so many now at the hospital going through lung cancer especially those first days when you are nearly in shock after hearing "you have lung cancer" believe me they are really suprised when I confide with them that I had lung cancer. I hope that the Lord gives you many more years before he calls you home, for we need you . Donna

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Hi Joanie,

I really am sorry to upset you. Actually, 18 months is the median survival time of LS-SCLC patients but each day that passes makes us more likely to be a long term survivor. In the meantime, I'm living every day and loving it!

I'm with you. I say that I "had" lung cancer and won't say "have" again unless I have to and I pray that neither of us will ever have to.

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Happy Anniversary, Sam

You must feel like King of the World today - as well you should.

I'm so glad you've been able to return to work. That must help you in so many ways. Interraction with people at this time is so important and using your brain more helps keep your memory clear.

I sure hope and pray you can beat this pneumonitis crap.

Good Luck and God Bless

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Who would have ever thought that one year could mean so much. But now a year is so important in our lives that it is sometimes hard to keep it all in focus. Days run into weeks, and weeks run into months and we're still here. I feel very lucky today. :) Count me in as part of your cheering section. Hang in there.

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Congratulations Sam,

It's amazing how the passage of one year means so much more, and means such different things now. I think of all the years that have passed in life without celebration, without notice. That will never happen again.

Each day that passes, where I can wake up next to the one I love is cause for celebration.

One year... Enjoy, Celebrate, Do something special.

You are always in my prayers,


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