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Bob Mc

David A

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Hi Everyone, I did talk to Bob a few weeks ago he was starting chemo and seemed to be down in the dumps a bit possibly because he was still on a feeding tube. I so wish Ilived closer to Bob and could go there and be his friend in real life, but I'm not very close and not that healthy myself to be making a trip like that.

Another thing is I don't want to become a pest to Bob, I will call again just not sure when, everytime I talk to him I tell him everone here cares about him and that he is an important fixture here.

As far as his phone number is concerned, he and i exchanged numbers quite a while ago and I'm not real comfortable passing it on, sorry.

I'll let everyone know the next time I talk to Bob

Thanks David A

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David, thanks for the update. We all think of BobMc and worry about him. Give him our warmest friendship and thoughts. I completely understand about not giving out his number...that is what he would expect of you. Keep us posted as you know more.


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Dear David,

Thank you my dear for your follow up reports on our friend Bob Mc. It's so hard to know how far we as friends (via internet) should go with checking on one an other. I know I even have that problem with some of my Support Group Members (in person)! So, I know it's hard to impose on family members of a LCSC member, when we don't know them very well.

I guess the best we can do is keep them ALL in our prayers.

Thank you again David for all you have done.

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Guest Phyllis

Thank you for posting re Bob's condition. I always look forward to his posts since I like to stay active and travel as much as possible too. He is an inspiration.

Please let him know that I was pretty depressed over the whole feeding tube thing too. It isn't any fun when you can't even have coffee or anything. You just have to sit there and put this gunk into a feeding tube that is messy, may come apart, gets infected, etc. I am sure it is temporary. Once that puppy comes out life gets a whole lot better.

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