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Hall passes

David A

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I think she's lenient because she's GLAD to see some of us go! LOL

(Plus, there's a fee for the pass and a fee to return and a pro-rated fee on the length of time you're gone...but I'm not supposed to tell anyone that!)

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If you sneak out then you have to stay after school for detention, plus there is a $10.00 fine for sneaking out.

David are you trying to start trouble with me? Don't make me come down there and do some *ss whoopin'. I will have to throw you out of my cult if you're not going to behave yourself and follow me blindly. :roll:

Just wait till you want to go somewhere David.

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Uhhhh....no, Lisa....we're not trying to get rid of you...(Ry, you DID arrange that "free trip" to Disney for her, right??)

Watch the mirror in your room, make sure it's not one of those "candid camera" things....don't wanna see you on "Vacations Gone Wild"!! :oops:

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