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Husband at WW 2 Memorial Dedication


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My husband was a member of the OSS (predecessor of Special Forces and CIA) in WW 2. He parachauted in behind enemy lines in Europe to do sabatoge etc. Later did the same thing in China. He went to DC Thursday morning to attend all the affairs, last one beuing reunion and annual meeting of OSS today. I really wanted to go but he didn't feel I was up to it and the oncologist agreed that I souldn't go. His son from Boston met him there and has escorted him everywhere the last 4 days. He developed severe leg pain a couple of weeks ago and had been having trouble with his legs being weak so his doctor told him, with all that mob he had to be in a wheelchair. MRI taken the day before he left shows 2 bulging disks with a herniated one between them and degenerative disk disease and he is in a lot of pain but soooo very glad he went and that his son can take care of him there. He is due home tonight. I am pround of him and anxious to have him safely home.

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Hello BLT,

We are proud of him too, and all the other brave men who played their part in WW2! We are so very grateful to them all.

My husband Dave was very interested in your husbands career, and he wants to know if he knew of a "Col. Rex Applegate," who was in charge of fire-arms training for the OSS, at , (what is now,) Camp David?

I do hope the the leg pain will be under control soon and I am so glad he didn't let it stop him from going to the reunion. I hope you will soon be feeling well again too BLT!


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