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Has anyone had nosebleeds while taking chemo?? I can't find that as a side effect of Carbo/Taxol. Over the weekend Dad had two nosebleeds. .....pretty bad ones. He has never had a nosebleed before now. I have a call in to the doctor, but you know how that can be. (especially when the doctor was on vacation last week) Has anyone experienced nosebleeds during treatment? Thanks!


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I would get to a doctor or get hold of one fast. It might be nothing but I would get hold of a doctor fast.

Detecting and managing bleeding

Your nurse or doctor can tell you when your platelet count will be low. During this time, contact your doctor if you notice any of the following signs and symptoms of bleeding:

red spots under the skin (petechiae)

bleeding gums

easy bruising


vision changes

uncontrolled nosebleeds

bright red blood in urine or stool

dark tar-like stool

abdominal pain or swelling

unusual bleeding anywhere else in your body

If you cut yourself, press a clean bandage, gauze, or cloth directly on the area until the bleeding stops. If you have a nosebleed, apply pressure to your nose and place an ice pack on the back of your neck until the bleeding stops. Call your doctor if the bleeding continues for more than 30 minutes.

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Yes, I have had severe nosebleeds with carbo and Taxol. The first one scared me pretty badly. I was shocked at the rate of flow. I called the Onc. and he said to go to emergency which I didn't want to do. Why do these things always happen on weekends or late at night????

Anway I packed it tightly and kept checking. It took 4 hours to clot so I could remove the packing. My platelets were low at that time. I had several more but I knew what to expect and what to do by then so they didn't bother me.

The Onc. said to pinch the bridge of the nose to slow the blood supply but that didn't do anything for me.

Don't panic, pack it tightly and it should stop and clot eventually. They can cauterize the bleeders in emergency if necessary, but I never did.

Good Luck, Dave S

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John and Dave S.

Thank you so much. Dad's nosebleed started suddenly with a pretty heavy flow. In about 30-60 seconds, it slowed down tremendously.....just a little dribble. The whole thing only lasted about two minutes, but it was pretty scary at first.

The Dr.'s office just called. I will be taking Dad to get some lab.........just to be on the safe side.

Thank you again! What would I do without you guys???? :wink:

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I don't want to scare anyone but want to let you know that a nose bleed can be serious. We lost one of our valued members Sam due to a nosebleed. Below is an excerpt from an old post regarding his death (hope the poster doesn't mind that I moved this up):

On Sat. morning Sam was coughing. His cough was becoming worse in the

month of Dec.,and he was also feeling very fatiuged. He was taking a

nap in the morning. He woke up, walked out of the bedroom with a

massive bleed in his nose and mouth. All he could say was, "call 911." My

mom is a RN and did what she could but the bleed was too much. She was

with him at the very end, and it was very quick and hopefully painless.

She thinks he was gone before the ambulance left the house. The Doc's

think either the bleed (from a major artery) was from deteriation

caused by radiation and chemo or possibly from the aspergillosis becoming

resistent to the antibotics. This was VERY unexpected.

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ANGIE,I was on carbo &taxol,never really had nose bleeds then but after 7 rounds chemo & 35 radiation I did get blood clots and was put on coumadin (blood thinner) now I get occassional nose bleeds.It's always scary and sometimes hard to stop. Glad to hear dr. is already involved,I think it should be looked into quickly.Hope all goes well.

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I remembered the post about Sam. That was the first thing that popped into my head when this happened. That's all I could think about. One thing that really concerns me is that Dad's tumor is encasing the main pulmonary artery in his left lung. I have been fearful of a major bleed since this journey began. Geeeesh..........there are times that I get motion sickness from this rollercoaster ride. :roll: I am taking Dad tomorrow to see his Dr. We will see what happens. So far, it hasn't happened again. Only twice. Keep everything crossed that it is only low platelets or something that can be fixed easily. (Never thought I would be asking anyone to keep everything crossed that my Dad ONLY has low platelets :roll: ) On this journey, low platelets are just a bump in the road. Thank you all for your caring and concern.


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Another thing people should remember is that some herbs and things such as aspirin and fish oil may thin the blood, so it is important to check with the doctor to find out if a specific chemo can cause low platelets

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I have had several nose bleeds while on chemo. Mine have been very short in duration...stopped in a minute and not a great deal of blood, although it did just literally run out of me. My doctor attributes to low platelets and has me scheduled for blood work on my off-chemo week now. It absolutely relates to chemo treatments.


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