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Requesting Hall Pass


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I need a hall pass to attend granddaughter's wedding in Mi. and hopefully have a cup of coff with Snowflake while I am there.

My husband is having severe pain from 3 bad disks in lower back and we are spending most of our time with doctors and tests these days. He feels so bad because he thinks he is supposed to be taking care of me and hee I am taking care of him and thankful I am able. He normally is very tolerant of pain (after surgeries).

Also requesting prayers for my daughter who has multiple nodules on thyroid, affecting swallowing. She is going to EENT doctor tomorrow for biopsy. She is single and I will be out of state.

This has been quite a week. Hopefully getting out of town for a few days will do us good.

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Geesh, it sounds like you have a lot going on in your family right now. I hope the wedding is wonderful and that your husband's pain gets relief soon. I will be thinking of your daughter as well. I hope the time out of town will help.


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