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Remembering Dave

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(come everybody SING) life is good on percoset, mix it with some versed, then you don't care whats said!!!! OK, Karen is nagging me to gwt off the computer and stop posting so I will let her finish here.

Yeah, well, I go upstairs to put Faith to bed and come downstairs and there he sits, hunched over the computer, typing, and he only has one good eye, the other one is swollen and black and blue and has a nice bloody incision running along the top of his eyelid - should he be typing? I don't think so!

anyway, took him in for his bonkitis surgery today. It took almost four hours. I think the surgeon was running behind on the patient before Dave and then with Dave I think she really ran behind. We got there at 9:00 and they didn't take him back until 12:30. I asked the nurse how long it would take and she said the OR was booked for 3.5 hours. Huh? Fo some silly reason I thought this would only take an hour. The doc didn't call me in the waiting area until 5:00. No way to tell what the bonkitis is until we get pathology in 7 days, but she did a real number on Dave's face, hopefully the infection will all be cleared out and that's all it is. Right now it's just wait and see. She said to come see her on Wednesday next week so hopefully she'll have the pathology by then.

Not much else to say except Dave is pretty miserable, thank you God for narcotics. He's got to take predisone for a week or so, I am NOT looking forward to that since steroids and Dave don't mix and he becomes a psycho, but I can deal with him for a week like that I guess!

Well, thanks for everyone's prayers. My mom is home and doing GREAT. I think all the docs were very surprised by how well she is doing overall. OH, BIG NEWS ON THAT, I almost forgot - her pathology came back and her lymph nodes were CLEAR, so the colon cancer physically jumped from her colon to her liver, which happens but is rare, so her prognosis just improved dramatically. OK, now I'm thinking I've already reported that, I can't keep anything straight these days, I have too many cancer patients in my family to keep up with right now . . .

anyway, thanks everyone for your prayers and support. Will keep you posted on the bonkitis pathology.


and Dave

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So very glad to hear the good news about your mother - and no, I haven't read it anywhere else!

Also, sorry you have to wait a week for David's results and that you'll have to deal with him on steroids - I suggest you get sister BeckyCW to come east and help out!

Here's hoping for a quick recovery for your Mom and great results for your David's bonkitis.



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Oh, I came looking for word from you guys...and am SO glad to know that surgery is over and that aside from being bonked, bruised, bandaged and on meds...that David is perfectly normal! :D Well....for him, anyway...huh? :wink:

And Karen...what a GREAT report on Mom...and no, I don't think you did absolutely report that her lymph nodes were clear...just that you were awaiting word on whether the cancer "jumped" to her liver. Great, great news and I'm glad she's home and doing well.

Now...if you can just get thru the next week with a minimum of strange antics from your Guy on Steroids :roll: ....we are all praying for those antibiotics to do their job and for that to be all that is NEEDED to be done. In other words...we await the great report from path.

Sounds like things are looking up in your corner of the world...and since I'm smiling...I figure you must be too! Hope the week goes fast and the healing goes faster and you get the good word on Wednesday!

Sending hugs...and please...hide all the blonde wigs in the house!!! :wink: This could be the week he decides to wear one again! :?

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TeeTaa, you don't know how much I wish I could go back east and help out right now! But hopefully with the benefit of Karen's staunch support, Faith's natural-born entertainment factor, and the percoset, he'll recover with as little pain as possible. I had percoset in January after some surgery, and I'd like to buy stock in that stuff... Prednisone is another matter... I'm taking it right now, and hoping I don't have the same exact genes, since I've seen David on that! :twisted: (just kidding, David... nothing's wrong. really. You just rest! and work on the stories about how you got that cool black eye!)

Karen, I'm SOOOOOOOO glad about your mom. I know this has to really lift her spirits a lot -- and yours.

As TBone says -

Praying for us all,


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Darn I wish David C was posting I find I'm much more humorous when my narcotics are working well. My doctor doubled mine yesterday, took one last night, not sure I can drive while on it, very stoned, but the pain was no where to be found.

Good Luck David and don't let Karen push you off the internet when you have a good story to tell.

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Glad to hear about how well things are going for your Mom.

It really isn't an easy surgery (Dave's) and he's going to look like he went a few go rounds with Godzilla for a while. Hope he heals well.

(and you should seriously consider letting him type whatever he wants. Then, when he is healed and off the pain meds, let him go back and read it. :wink: )

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