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Cisplatin and ear issues


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I've had some "muffled" hearing & some ringing. The ringing seemed to happen more the first time I had chemo with the Cisplatin. The nurses said it should go away on its own and it did, although since this last bout of chemo I've had that muffled feeling a bit more often. Hopefully it'll go away soon too.



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Yep, I did.

My ears still ring and clink if I'm very tired or worn down, but most of my hearing came back in the midrange.

I've heard it said that cisplatin affects the 8K MHz frequencies of sound ( like a timer going off) I have one I can't use at all because I can't hear it.

The church choir, I can hear again, mostly, doesn't sound muddy anymore. BUT I hear better (especially my kids who talk too fast and mumble anyway) when I am looking right at whoever is speaking.

The woman I spoke to on the phone a 7 year pancoast survivor ( this was in 2000) from ??alcase?? needed a hearing aid, she almost lost all her hearing from cisplatin. But she lived.

Jen -- life will never be the same. Don't be so flipped about change that is out of your control -- just flow with it, dear.


Prayers always,


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