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Off of Iressa for the second time

Carolyn Flournoy

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Jim had a CT-scan June 16th we decided to hear the results July 1st because of a number of things. We knew the news would not be good and didn't want to start chemo before the 4th of July which is his birthday. His pain has increased he is now on 40mg. Oxycontin every 12 hours and 20mg. Oxycodone solution for breakthough pain. The findings of CT-scan were increase of size of lung masses and nodules and thickening. Liver lesion has also increased in size. He started on Taxotere the 8th of July it will be every 3 weeks. Jim was not happy about going back on chemo. Chemo has not worked for him in the past. And then again maybe it has worked he's a 19 month survivor. His birthday was celebrated with fireworks, homemade ice cream, our 3 children and 8 grandchildren. We have 10 grandchildren but the 2 oldest stayed in Utah. They work during the summer to help pay for their college tuition. Thanks to everyone for the information I have obtained from this site. Carolyn

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Dear Carolyn,

This post makes me so sad. This dam* disease is relentless.

I will ask God to make Taxotere the magic potion for Jim. And I agree with you, the treatments are not for the weak of heart, but any time bought may allow for researchers to come up with a new drug.

Earl was on Taxotere and tolerated it very well. And if I remember, it is a short infusion - not the hours long like carbo/taxol.

You know I keep you and Jim in my prayers.


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Sounds like he had a wonderful birthday with all his loved ones. I think that was more important for him than starting the chemo a few days sooner. May God bless both of you and your entire family. I will keep the good thoughts that the chemo does shrink his tumors. I will keep both of you in my prayers.

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