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Mom went to see her radiologist today things went very well, she really like this doctor. If I understood this correct she will be getting the light chemo treatment, she is so happy that she will not be losing her hair, maybe just thining which is okay because she has thick hair. :) He said the type of chemo that she will be getting will give her energy for the first three days then she will be tried for the other days and just when she is starting to fell her old selft again another chemo treatment. Her radiation treatment will be for 8 weeks straight monday through friday. She goes for her markings tomorrow. And then a cat-scan of her head on monday since she could not do the MRI today because of her closterphobia. She's not to concerend about that. IT was so nice to hear the change in her voice, a change of happy :D instead of sadness :cry:. I told my mom about this sight, she registered her name is memere. I hope she continues to come, I'm sure it will help her when she wants to talk to other people how have been throught the same situation.

Thank you for all of your support and prayers.

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