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some things seem to be coming together


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I recieved some good news today. In fact this past week I have had several good things happen. They can not make up for something else that I feel that I am losing but they do go a long way toward helping me cope. They will also help me survive because that is something that you just can't do without an income!

I had an interview last week with a lady who is setting up a local chapter of Helping Hands. In case you are not familiar with them I will explain what they do. It is in home caregiving that allows seniors to remain in their homes instead of in a rest home. The work is quite varied because you do some chores, run errands and keep them company so thier families know that their needs are being met.

We clicked right away from the first telephone conversation. The interview was a chance to meet and get to know each other better. Most of her questions had already been answered on the phone. She also told me a little more about what her goals were and I told her mine. It went great. This morning she called me to tell me that she deffinately wants me to work for her and she should have at least one client for me to start with within the next two weeks :!:

In the mean time I have filed for my unemployment(waited because I didn't think I would get it after quiting my last job) and because I was moving I qualify. I should have my first check in ten days. Boy is that a relief but I still have more news.

An angency that helps place seniors has been helping me. Today I had an interview with what is called a Host Agency. The way it works is that Experience works places me in a temperary job learning new skills. While I am learning(maximum of 20 hours a week) they pay me minimum wages. If I am not working 20 hours they pay me for time spent on job interviews and such up to that 20 hours.

I was very nervous about that interview because it was with a lady at Legal Services. I have absolutely no experience as a receptionist. We talked and I was completely honest with her and let her know that caregiving is what is closest to my heart. I really thought that I would not be put in that position. Well I got home and had a message waiting for me. I will be filling that position. They want me :D

I have been so worried wondering how I will make a living. Last week I started asking Johnny every morning to help me. I also asked God to help me. Everyone at the small church I go to prayed for me to find work. I know that none of these things would have taken place without all of that. I am so grateful.

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Lil. I am so very proud of you! I had faith all along that you would be able to accomplish your goals and make life "work" for you again. I know that none of this can do much to replace the emptiness you still experience, but this is a new beginning. It's a starting place. It's a chance to relieve your financial worries and keep your mind occupied. You are going to be able to explore new horizons and learn new things. I'm sure that you will also meet many new and wonderful friends when you start these new jobs. Having friends nearby will halp things tremendously. Just don't get too busy to keep us posted!!!!

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