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Hi all...back at last


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Hi...Im finally back home, having undergone the major surgery. Entire left lung removed. Im afraid I havent posted or read posts for over a month, being either too miserable recovering, or preoccupied with family here for support, etc.

Just wanted to check in briefly...will be posting and reading more in days to come. The good news is they think they got it all out...hope their right. Bad news is...recovery is painful and slow, sigh. Anyway, hope to get back to posting now.

Take care all, and thanks for all your support before my surgery.

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Hello Rich and I'm glad you're done with surgery. It takes awhile to get back on your feet. I had a lobe removed January 26 and I still have some pain in the side and tenderness. Compared to right after surgery, I've come a long way. I do not take anything for pain, it mostly bothers me when I walk. I remember how rough it is right after surgery. You can hardly get out of bed and it is rough sleeping. Hope you come through with flying colors! There's one fellow on the site that had a lung removed and he is an avid biciclyst and I don't think he even needs oxygen. Best of luck to you. It will get better little by little.


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Congratulations, Richinsdakota. As I recall at one time you were looking for all possible ways to avoid surgery (when surgery, if you are lucky enough to be eligible, is the best option). I see you did finally go through with it. I'm glad. Miserable as you may feel now, it is the best choice. And you will feel better eventually. In the meantime, take your pain pills, and be patient. Best wishes!

Muriel K

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I know right now you are wondering if you should have done the surgery because of the pain etc, but believe me that is the best option. My hope for you now is that you are cured and that follow treatment works well and it never comes back. I had chemo and radiation after surgery as a precaution and so far so good. The pain will ease and you will feel better soon.


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Welcome back Rich,

Getting it all is wonderful!! Recovery may be miserable but it's worth it!!!

Looking forward to your posts in the upcoming weeks until then, REST get the support you need and know we are all saying prayers for you.

God Bless You,


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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

Welcome back Rich. Sorry to hear how much discomfort you're having. :( I bet they got all of that beast out of you. That's wonderful (even though you may not be feeling wonderful now!)


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Glad to hear that the surgery went well! Sounds like the outcome will be positive. I know you must be in alot of pain and discomfort right now and I hope you get better with each day.

Welcome back, glad to see you posting again and wishing you a speedy recovery.


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Dear Rich,

Welcome back indeed. I know how miserable recovery is, but it's well worth it. And it sounds as if you're going to make a full recovery! That's great.

I'll be curious to see if your oncologist recommends chemo now -- according to ours, and to what I've read in the papers, it's now considered routine even when there's no evidence of further spread. But don't worry about that. Just concentrate on getting your strength back and feeling better.

Len's surgery was at the end of April. He had a lobectomy, so not the whole lung, but I understand that can be even more painful (if you can believe that) than the entire lung. But he's doing well now even though he still has that nagging side pain. It is subsiding, though very slowly. And he's walking up a storm with me every morning, doing two miles or so along the water near our home -- even while he's undergoing chemo (which has turned out to be not nearly as dreadly as anticipated). So look forward to doing what you can over the next weeks and seeing things improve as time goes on.

Look forward to hearing more from you once you get back into circulation!


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