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We had to call the doctor because pain pills were not working (2 500mg every 4 hours vicodin) he gave him morphine pills to take with vicodin and that seems to be working going for an MRI today at 1 oclock and to see doctor on monday for the results praying it has not hit his spine. Thanks all will keep you posted. Charolette

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Vicoden won't touch his kind of pain. Doctors! They should know better, they seem to be afraid to give someone better pain meds, but why ? Ask for oxycontin at least. it will help. Then the patch if it keeps getting worse. Cancer patients should not have to deal with so much pain. :cry:


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Hi Charolette,

Just wanted to pipe in and say I too am glad to hear his pain is better. Please keep us posted to how the MRI come out. I know your going to be having a LONNNNNG weekend having to sit and wait. :( Your in my thoughts and paryers. Hang in here!! We're here for you.

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