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Tiny, LOVE the new picture!


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Deb and dad s.-

Nope, I don’t fly airplanes myself. In the picture I am just getting ready to be catapulted into the air for a glider ride.

For 23 consecutive years my close siblings and I have made it a point to enjoy an escapade together at least once a year. We are an outdoorsy group and adventuresome, so our outings have included hiking, camping, rafting, mountain climbing (Mt. Adams…not too tough), boating, canoeing, hot-air ballooning, parasailing, rappelling, sky diving (tandem), horseback riding, snowmobiling, motorcycling, downhill skiing, and this year: plane gliding. To top it off, one of my sisters is very uncomfortable with heights, but she has participated in everything so far (she turned 71 this summer). As Cary says, the big C should be a walk in the park compared to some of these zany activities!

As you say, “Carpe Diem!”

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The same thing happened to me! I had asked Rick to post the new pict of me and he responded that he was doing so as he typed, but every time I posted something, there we were still celebrating Christmas. Then I started getting e-mails and PMs about the "new" picture and I'm still all dressed up for the party. I finally had the idea to empty the cache on the browser and reboot...Lo! I was all set to be zoomed up into the wild blue yonder. My itty bitty techie brain doesn't understand it at all. Maybe Rick can help.

Prayers for the Duke and Duchess, as always :D . You're never far from the front of my mind and always in my heart.

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The old picture is in your browser cache. In a regular routine, everyone should delete their cache from their computer regularly. This would be a process not just for this site, but for all sites.

I have posted how to clear the cache and I believe its under GENERAL..


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How awesome!! Made me think of my friend's mom who celebrated her 85th birthday with a hot-air balloon ride!!

My cousins families and mine all get together every year...about 20 in all, we rent a big house or a couple of cottages....try different locations...Cape Cod; Ocean City, MD; This year it's Lake Winnepesaukee in NH. Going next week and can't wait.

But I have to tell ya.....our most adventurous thing to date has been seeing who can build the tallest pyramid of beer cans!!!! Just kiddin'...but I'm gonna show them your list and maybe shame them into parasailing or something...... :D

Way to go!!!!! Mary

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