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Good news I guess


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Just came from my mom's 3-month post-surgical followup with the surgeon. She took an x-ray and it turns out that the lung never really expanded to 100%, only 85%. Still, that's better than before. It also revealed fluid in the empty space at the bottom. This bothered us but the surgeon told us it was not malignant, just bodily fluid that fills up that space. Hmmm... Wasn't the purpose of the pleurectomy to prevent that? She said it doesn't matter because it won't do any harm, but couldn't say if it would go away on its own or not.

Oh well, we trust her so we'll take her word for it. Plus, she said my mom looks real good, asked her a series of questions, such as if she has headaches, dizzniness, numbness, any new pain, etc. Basically I knew she was asking because those are signs of brain mets and my mom isn't showing any. What a great doctor. She even said my mom could go back to work if she wanted to, part-time, and that we probably only need to see her on an as-needed basis from now on. She wants my mom to be watched closely by Dr. Mike, mom's oncologist.

On a sidenote, we were a little bit late because there was traffic. We got to the hospital in time, but my mom needed an x-ray first. Plus there were so many people in the outpatient registration room, it was ridiculous. We were about 30 mins late for the actual meeting with the doctor. Turns out this lady that was in front of us in line is also one of the surgeon's patients, and we were cutting into her appointment time. Oops. We were even in the x-ray department at the same time. LOL.

I could tell the doctor was a little upset at our tardiness and felt she was rushing us, but I understood completely. She was suffering from a respiratory infection too. So, she saw all three of us, the woman, my mom and I at the same time, but in different rooms of course. It turns out that woman before us just passed her 5-year mark of being in remission for LC. I also asked the surgeon if she would do me a favor and look at my x-rays and she did and said they were fine. She was very nice and I tried not to take up too much of her time.

It was great. A 5-year LC survivor there at the same time as us? A premonition, perhaps?

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