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Was it really a dream?


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I just have to share this with you because I think Rob came to me the other night.

Well, the other night, I remember Rob came to me and laid down next to me in bed and put his head on my chest, over my heart. It woke me with a start! It was so real............and I also noticed I had my arms crossed over my chest, like I was hugging him. I was lying on my back and when I woke up, I felt that he came to me to tell me he misses me too and that he would always be with me and be in my heart. It was about 5:00am and all I could do was tell him, "I love you too honey" and of course I started to cry. I just believe it was such a special gift to me! I just wish I wouldn't have woke up so suddenly. I would've loved to talk to him but I might not have remember it at all if I hadn't awoke! It was so special to me, I just am so thankful I experienced this, and I will never ever forget it.


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Yes Tess I too know how special that is. About a month after Johnny died he came to me in a dream tho I never was sure that I was really sleeping. I felt his arms go around me and his hand on my butt. When I jumped and looked over my shoulder he was there. I could see him so clearly. He said "it's alright I just want to snuggle you". I slept for the first time sense his death a peaceful sleep. I felt that he was with me all night snuggleing me. I even woke once to go to the bathroom and returned to bed feeling that he was still there to hold me. It was the most wonderful experience I have had sense his death. Even now nearly 20 months later I can still see him like he was that night so clearly. I will always believe it was much more than a dream. Lillian

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Tess, I am so glad you had this wonderful experience. I, too, have had several such encounters since I lost my dear Dennis. As Lillian said, you will never forget these moments and will always be able to travel back and feel the feelings you have described!!! True love never dies!!!

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That is wonderful and I believe. I am also a believer in John Edwards and

he says are loved ones will come to visit in dreams. I lost my dog Baylee

in Feb.04 and the night she passed on to rainbow bridge. I was sleeping

and felt her on my legs were she like to always sleep. She was a saint

bernard weighing near 125 pounds. I would wake in the night to adjust

do to her weight and on this night I felt her and was adjusting. I know

she was there sleeping on my legs. Haylee

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My mom too had a visit from my dad. She was asleep and woke up abruptly like someone was lightly shaking her. She was a mist like a person and drifted back off to sleep only to be awoken again the same way. My dad has definitly been watching over us and has helped several of us with car issues make sure we broke down or had a flat in a safe place -- even my neice with a flat over the weekend in the pitch dark and stopped on the highway into the nearest parking lot (deserted road). Guess where she was --- a church parking lot and the minister was outside and he helped her. He even agreed she had a guardian angel because she had a pretty bad blown-out tire and could have been hurt!

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