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Checkin in from the library..


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Well I can see it now, I am addicted to all of you! :roll: The thing is I am thinking of you and praying for you each day so I needed to check on everyone. :) We are having a wonderful time, but Bob is at the doc today to find out the results of his PET scan, and has been gone for hours so we have not been able to get ahold of him. Praying he is ok. Also praying for Rene and niececola. And Dean Carl, and the Florida batch, and I haven't even read all the posts yet.

in Tbone's words,

God Bless us All ,



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Are you a librarian? I'm a library student and now visit a library whenever I'm away from home overnight just to check email and listserve stuff. In June while on Mackinac Island I had to get on a list and wait over 3 hours to use the internet. Can't remember my lchelp password so couldn't post from Traverse City last weekend but loved their beautiful library and did check into the site as a guest.


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Hi Dede, Nope not a librarian, just knew I could go to a library and use the internet to check in. I was on a waiting list to use the computer also, but it didn't take very long in Escanaba :) I did some online banking in a Big Boy in Manistique too, because they had computers at their counter for free use. Technology, gotta love it!!


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