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I mowed half of my lawn today (lawn is one acre). I am very proud of

myself. I took my time. I don't know which is more sore my legs, arms or lungs. Hopefully I can do the other half tomorrow. I never thought I'd

get to do lawn work again. It's great exercise and you get out alot of tension.

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Knowing where you are coming from EXACTLY (it was one of MY big "accomplishments", too):


I had a city lot, though, and usedtacould do the whole thing in less than half an hour, no break... the first time I did it after "healing", I took a break after the front yard and did the back in two attacks with a half hour break in between! :roll:

Sounds like you're doing much better than me - stretch, but don't push too hard...



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Thanks guys! I was careful and stopped when I was tired, but boy did it

feel good. My best girlfriend lives next store (who is a RN) called and yelled in the phone who the h__ l mowed the lawn? It was pretty funny.

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Good for you! Exercise is important, but these little victories that make you feel like yourself again are even more important. Your girlfriend must have a good sense of humor. I can imagine myself doing the same thing. Keep going - or as our president would say, "Stay the Course!"

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Hi Melinda,

My son-in-law's sister lives in NYC great place. I only live about hour and a half from the city, if traffic is good. She was involved in 9-11 what a nightmare. Take care.

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