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a taxi driver and a preacher go to heaven ...


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A taxi driver and a preacher make it to the pearly gates together, and St. Peter talks to them both. The preacher is admitted, and he has a nice little cottage with a picket fence. The cab driver gets a plush estate with a mansion on a hill, complete with body servants and a swimming pool. The cab driver asked Peter. "I am a humble man and did humble work while this preacher worked to save souls his whole life. Why such a reward for me?"

Peter said, "Up here, we go by results. When he preached, the people slept. But when you drove, the people prayed."


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Hey, I used to drive a cab in New York...gimme a %&$*#&%^@* break here. :lol:

However, I will admit that I may have made a few people pray. Especially that man who upon getting into the cab said "oh great, I have to make a train in 2 minutes and I get a WOMAN driver".

Needless to say, he made his train AND found religion in the same trip. :twisted:

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that is funny. Was that professionalism, as a dedicated taxi driver,

an angel just helping the Big Man and His Cause

a little girl driving a big car in a big city who wanted a tip

or just a little passive/aggressive behavior?

By the way, I have been hearing about that noodlin' they have going on down there in Oklahoma...have you heard of that, yet?

Cindi o'h

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Wow..i knew there was a reason I liked you two guys!!! Its the taxi driver vibe... :lol:

And Cindi, YES :lol: , I know noodlin. First year I was here, some high school kid came into work with his palms all cut up .. said it was from noodlin and explained what it was while I listened looking like this: :shock:

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Well, then Debi, I think we can start a whole new subject on noodlin'

That is exactly how I looked the first time I heard of it and saw it...yes my eyeballs popped out of my head, my jaw hit the floor as I made a scream of delight horror and shock!!! :shock::shock::shock:

Dang, them folks IS cray-zeee....

Cindi o'h

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