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Dad is having his pericardial effusion drained tomorrow. Q's


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Hi All,

I've posted before talking about my dads pericardial effusion (he was having abnormal ECG readings). He saw his cardiologist today and they are going to drain the fluid tomorrow morning. He is supposed to be in the hospital for 24 - 48 hours. This seems a bit extreme to me. Does anyone think it is because they want to monitor his heart because of the release of pressure build-up when the fluid is drained? I was also wondering if my dad should contact his oncolgist to let him know. Apparently the decision was made in the late afternoon and my dad didn't want to bug his oncologist (who is totally awesome). Although my dad is NED I was still thiking that my dads oncologist would want to know. I know they will test the fluid for cancer cells; this is making me feel very nervous. If anyone has any thoughts about this drop me a post.



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