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    Candi It is considered stage IV when it has spread to distant sites like the brain, but it certainly isn't game over. I was stage IV when I was diagnosed a year and 7 months ago. I'm still here and still enjoying being here. And there are many others considered stage IV who have been here longer than I have. But I know how you feel. The first time I talked to my Oncologist I told him I heard him saying, "You're dead." But I wasn't and I'm not. Our fearless leader Tom is a little busy right now, but he would tell you he was once told he had months to live and that was well over ten years ago. We'll each go home when the Lord gets ready to come and get us. Until then I want to stay positive (this group helps with that), enjoy every day, and keep fighting. You'll do well. Judy M
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    Thanks for sharing with us. Glad you're feeling good. Oncologist should have a plan of attack. Judy M.
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    Me too Candi. Thinking of you and wondering how it went. We're all pulling for you. Judy M
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    Praise the Lord! Thank you for sharing and for giving Him the glory. Judy M
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    Dad diagnosed Stage 4 lung cancer

    Praying with you. Judy M.
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    , Lexie's article pretty much defines what it is and why it's done. The only reason I can think of why they would do it again was if they were afraid she might no longer be in exactly the right position. If that's the reason then it's a good thing. You want them to be vigilant. Radiation must be very precisely done. Judy M.
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    I don't know then. Thirty sounds like standard radiation and I only had one set up sort of thing for that. You might just ask them. I ask a lot of questions of all my doctors. The physicists were actually thrilled that I was interested in what they do or even noticed. You'd probably have to go with her and ask her Radiation Oncologist when she visits him as at least my Radiologists don't allow anyone past the waiting room when I have treatments. I find Radiation and what goes into it really interesting. Please let us know when you find out. I'm puzzled about it too. Judy M
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    Callie Have had a lot of radiation. Before my SBRT radiation I was placed in the position I would be in for my treatment, a sort of stretchy belt was placed around my diaphragm and the physicist stood there being very picky about exactly what position I was being placed in and my not being able to move. This was to track exactly how much the tumors in my lungs or the one on my adrenal gland (had it for both) moved as I breathed in order to accurately plan my Radiation. Never heard it called a simulation but that term would make sense. Is this similar to what they did with your mother and could they possibly be planning to do some SBRT? It's also sometimes called Cyberknife and other things. It's a very precisely targeted radiation. Judy M
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    Kay Welcome. Don't have a lot of experience with where you're coming from, but will share what I have. My husband had a tumor a few years ago actually in his spine just below where all the nerves who branch off to the rest of the body are located. He was also quite hostile with me at times. I cried over that because I thought it indicated that we didn't have the good relationship I had thought we had. But he was in so much pain I couldn't be angry. That tumor was pressing all of those nerves against the hard bones of his spine. The only time he was out of pain was when they knocked him totally out with I. V. drugs. We talked about this later after all this was past. He told me even though he knew it was unreasonable he was angry because I didn't and couldn't know what he was going through. He'd been given all sorts of heavy pain meds and sleeping pills during our 3 trips to the emergency room and wanted to just keep on taking them when the pain didn't stop rather than take them as directed. I wouldn't let him because I was afraid he'd O. D. Then in the hospital he was amazingly rude and angry with me while I tried to take care of him. Our children even became angry with him watching this. That turned out to be a side effect of the morphine he was being given for pain. Have heard others say they've seen this happen. As soon as he was taken off the morphine he was his own sweet self again. The tumor was benign. We got through that. And he is taking wonderful care of me through this cancer. As far as being angry because he's had all the tests and it's been months and no treatment is happening I'd be angry too. I have great docs and health care providers but sometimes you have to make a little noise and be persistent about it so that you don't slip through the cracks because they are so overwhelmed with patients. My Medical Oncologist actually told me that at the beginning when I couldn't seem to get an appointment with him to get my treatment started. And since I've never been a shrinking violet when it comes to being my own advocate for medical care I've done that when necessary. I hope I haven't been rude with them but I have been insistent and persistent at times. The advice to find a caregiver group in your area is excellent. Hope some of this helps. And we're always here if you need to vent. I'm sure you'll soon hear from some caregivers who have walked in your shoes. Judy M.
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    Dad diagnosed Stage 4 lung cancer

    Praying. Please let us know how it goes. Judy M. No