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Not sure where to put this but figured I would post it here. I have been calling all over but have to wait till the 2nd week of November and then MAYBE I will be able to get a flu shot from my Cancer Center. Though they consider me high risk, those taking chemo are considered higher because of low resistance and they are on the top of the list which is understandable.

Then I read this..Does this news article pis_ anyone else off or is it just me??? And just for the record, I don't believe 30 of them have breathing problems AND call me cynical, but the basketball team getting the shot a day before the shortage is announced sounds fishy to me....


Some Chicago Bears get flu shots

CHICAGO Some members of the Chicago Bears have gotten flu shots, despite the nationwide shortage of vaccine.

The National Football League team says vaccinations were offered to roughly 60 players. Fewer than half took them, mainly those with breathing disorders such as asthma.

The health director for Lake County, where the team trains, wonders why, as he put it, "an athlete in top shape is being given a flu shot."

Officials are trying to reserve scarce vaccine for people in high-risk groups.

The N-B-A's Chicago Bulls, who also train in Lake County, also got flu shots. They were vaccinated the day before the vaccine shortage was announced.

Copyright 2004 Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

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Hey Deb,

I know, put a bat in your hand and go into your clinic and tell them your reporting in for your flu shot???? :P:roll: No NO wait a minute, that might land you in jail! Maybe not a great idea! :shock::lol: Then again maybe you can get a flu shot in jail! You never know!!! :roll::shock::?:P

It's soooo hard to make sense out of non-sense!

Love & Hugs,


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Sure seems like a travesty of justice to me too. Definitely one of those shake-your-head-in-disbelief situations.

I sure hope you can get a shot soon. If not, and you contract the flu, maybe you can get one of those valuable ball players to come take care of you!

Praying for us all,


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Debi, that article was LONGER at MSN, with some guy defending his choice of getting the shot because of TRAVEL!

I read an article earlier that reported prisoners have received flu shots over the general population (but I can't find the article now to post here).

...and then there's all those folks that are at the Capitol....there's a list in an article titled "Vaccine Hogs, Part II" - msn.com, Slate magazine...


I got mine at work - and the nurse that gave it to me is not allowed to get a shot! Isn't THAT ridiculous? She's in a position to REALLY spread the germies...

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Hey Becky,

I read or heard too that prisoners were getting the flu shot as well. So, maybe ending up in jail isn't a bad thing??!!! I know the hospital that I hold my Support Group at were scheduled to give all the employee's there flu shots but at the last minute they called it off. Don't know if they will reschedule or not. That included the Volunteers of the hospital as well.

God Bless us All.

Best wishes,


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Thanks for the mutual indignation all.... and for the links Becky..get me even MORE pissed off!!!

I'm not as worried about myself getting the flu shot at this point as I'm just riled that these million dollar HEALTHY men get the shot. I wrote the damn football team a letter and told them that my life, and the life of anyone, is pretty much worth millions to our children.

TeeTaa, I think I will go with your idea... if I get sick, I will demand the football team come and take care of me. 8)

And I just read that last paragragh that I posted..the one that says

Copyright 2004 Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed
:shock: I knew there was a reason I never posted news articles. Does this mean I might need bail money? :shock:
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No Debi it doesn't mean you need bail money, but once again, that means you MIGHT end up in (jail) and again, you may be lucky to get the flu shot while your in!!! :roll: The possibility of jail seems to be the one that might work for you in getting your flu shot! Then after you get your shot, we'll come bail you out! OKAY?? OKAY!

Either that, or we all head to Canada and take David P up on his offer!

NO LADDERS THOUGH!! :roll::roll:

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I finally just gave up. The lines were never ending, and I'd turned one down twice because the Oncologist's office assured me (and others) that they would have them, then they ran out, and, yada, yada, yada -- same old story as many others, I'm sure.

It finally occurred to me that I am not actively on chemo or lung radiation right now, and my blood counts are perfectly normal. I'm not sure what PCI will do to that, if anything, and if I have that, but as for now, I'm really not as high risk as others, so will take my chances that more might be available in January and that it isn't too late.

Oh well ... could be worse, I guess!!


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Okay, I heard back from the Bears and this is part of the email they sent:

We share your disappointment with the Tribune's story regarding flu shots...The Bears were grossly misrepresented in the article .....

· The Bears ordered flu vaccine in the same fashion we have over the past seven years

· We received the order in mid-September, well before the shortage was announced

· Despite the Tribune's report, the vaccine was not offered to all the players. Some players asked our training staff if they should receive the shot and were told "no" based on their physical condition and the understanding of the shortage. Others didn't know the shots were being given.

· Only two Bears players received the flu shot...Both were asthmatic and fall under the high-risk guidelines determined the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

· Bears staff was offered the opportunity for a flu shot, which the vast majority refused. The shortage was pointed out by our training staff when the offer was made.

· The vaccine that was left over was returned to the prescribing physician to allow him to treat other at-risk patients.

We hope you have a better understanding of the situation now that you know the truth. We appreciate you taking the time to email us.

Since I know sometimes the media can exaggerate, I guess I will assume the email tells the truth or at least it is somewhere in between :wink: ....

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No flu shots in this area. My son, who is a transplant patient went to Birmingham (about 50 miles away) and got his at the transplant center. My oncologist has none. None are expected through the health dept or doctors offices. I guess we are just out of luck this year.


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I never had a flu shot before my lung cancer, then every year since, except . . .Somehow, the greatest country in the world does not have enough. Don't get me started . . .

I have a lobe removed, asthma, and work with a bunch of 8 year olds who love to sneeze, cough, and not wash hands. And I'm supposed to stand in line and look at the faces of the elderly? Not a chance. My oncologists office has them, but my insurance won't cover it there. Again, I can argue with the insurance company, but do I really want to take a flu shot away from someone in worse shape than me?

I did hear we are short because of lawsuits against a flu vaccine company.

Meanwhile, my hands will fall off from over washing.


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I got my flu shot at my GP this week no lines either

it was funny

when i called to make the arraingements

the receptionist asked my age

then she was very sharp and said ohhhh you cant get a shot its only for the people over 65

i said welllll i think i fit into one of the other high risk groups

she was like which one???

i said hows lung cancer/lung surgery

boy did she make an about face in attitude!!!

i was in there no more than 15 minutes

i am appaled at our "elected leaders" what makes them so special over the general public i bet it was for free as well they all should resign for abuse of power. this is not fair

it makes me sick that prisoners who break the law are getting the shot at tax payers expense

the people who are responsable for authorizing this should loose there jobs

all i can do is say a prayer that this year the flu is mild

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