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CT Clean - Nothing New


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I received the results of my last CT scan and am confused! The doc stated that the scan was clear - great news.....

Then she mentions that the couple little spots in my other lung haven't changed and there was a very tiny spot that was new from my last scan. Well this is the first I have heard of any spots in my lung on previous scans. I instantly panicked (Of COURSE). We discussed her comments further and was told that these spots are no big deal and nothing to worry about at this point. She kinda stated that they were floating reminants from the radiation/surgery and chemo. At this point I honestly can say I didn't listen any further to the discussion between the doc and my husband......I just shut down.

Has anyone had similiar comments like this from their doc? My husband was convinced by the doc that it was nothing to worry about.

Any thoughts?


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If I were you, I would feel the same way, and wouldn't matter if it was for myself or my husband. We just don't like to hear that word "spot". I do think, however, that your husband's take on the appointment and the words of the doctor are probably accurate.

If it was me, though, I know that I would call the doctor tomorrow and explain how the word "spots" upset you so much and could she be a little more specific and ask for a copy of the report. If you're still not satisfied, then it wouldn't hurt to get a second opinion.



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Wendy, I spent an afternoon in the ER last week (I posted about it elsewhere), and when the ER doc sat down to go over the CT results, he said "The spot on your liver looks better." THUD. What spot on my liver? Yikes!

As it turned out, it's the hemangioma they found way back when, and yes, it looked somewhat smaller than before. Those are benign though, and when he said "spot" on my liver, I almost fell off the bed!

Sometimes my skepticism with docs overwhelms my own ability to really listen and hear what they are saying though, so I generally try to write down all my questions. With the good docs I have, I can fax them to their office and we go over them next time I'm there, or the nurse or doc will call me back if it's something that needs attention.

I'm also convinced that oncologists are somewhat like surgeons -- at least a good portion of them. It seems as though if you go to a surgeon, s/he will look for something to operate on. I think some oncologists are like that too -- no matter what they find, they are looking for cancer, and sometimes the very tone of their voice or an inflection or body language can really have an impact on their patients that they aren't aware of.


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