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Thanks to all...


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Thank you all for asking how I am doing... unfortunately I am so busy right now that I don't have the time to respond to my PMs so thought I would post a message here...

Things seem to be back to normal. I had a great time with my sister, we had alot of fun being silly. And I discovered that my son sucks at basketball, the same as any 5 year old short kid would. But he definitely is a trooper and after another hour of practice tonight MAYBE he will actually reach the damn basket with the ball. I can hardly wait till the real games start next week... :shock::lol:

My 3 year old grandson had emergency surgery last night and ended up staying in the hospital. He had a tonsillectomy a few weeks back and last night he vomited up a massive amount of blood. They gave him transfusions and he will be coming home today hopefully. Of course I was a wreck and was thinking the worse when at first they couldn't stop the bleeding...

An older lady that had worked at my job for 3 years ended up dying last week. I was off from work and no one told me, I just found out Tuesday and she was already buried. I feel bad that I didn't make it to her service, worse when I found out that she died from lung cancer. A month ago they thought she had had a stroke and then discovered she had 6 brain tumors. When they looked further they found a massive tumor in her lung. She died within 3 weeks of her diagnosis.

That could have been me... but instead I have all this extra time that has been given to me. I think I am heading back to looking at my life as a gift and forgetting about the goblins again, at least for awhile...

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Geez, Debi!

Glad you're still a gramma - and KNOW you'll spoil that kid with chickens...

The co-worker dying and missing the funeral, sorry about that, especially with the circumstances. Funny how some things can slap us right into a reality check, huh? :roll:

I'm sorry your co-worker died of this disease's goblins, glad you were diagnosed so very early (color me green with envy) and that was not your story.

Hang in there, girl, there is so much more outside your front door!



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I am so glad to see your post that you're starting to feel better.

Your life seems busy, and pretty normal actually--kids, grandkids, work, all that. This is good stuff, get right in the middle of it and enjoy it. :D

Listen to me, big talker that I am. I have doc appts in the next couple of weeks and I think your goblins have moved up north here---I see breast surgeon, onc, and chest surgeon all during the first 17 days in November and I'm getting goofy already. :roll:

On the other hand, I feel really, really great--energy level is good, I got off that tamoxifen and the arimidex is not giving me any problems. My appetite--don't get me started. Geesh! I could eat everything in the house right now. :shock:

Oh, well, I sure am glad you're back to feeling pretty good about things again--one step at a time, one foot in front of the other, that's all anyone anywhere can do.


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I am glad to know you are doing better. Sorry that your son sucks at basketball, so does mine. They always suck at the cheap sports, bet he'll be great in something expensive like hockey. Got any ice rinks in Oklahoma? If you're lucky he'll want to be a goalie and really cost you.

I imagine by now your grandson is running all over the house. It's scary when the little ones have a problem. Hang in there Debi.


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Debi, good to see your update. I hope your grandson is doing better, and that your son will make many baskets just to prove you wrong. So sorry to hear about your coworker and that you missed her service.

You're one of the people I watch for here, even if I don't write often. May your only goblins be the ones ringing the doorbell tomorrow night!


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