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Good news -- I think -- but I'll take it


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Oncologist left a message yesterday--he hadn't seen the films yet, only the reports--said that after he and the radiologist looked at the films both felt the 5 mm nodule was "insignificant"

NOW :!::!: before anyone gets excited, he did mention that 5 mm was too small to biopsy or PET scan, and I am seeing him in early January. And when I started to second guess him last night in my head, I remembered him reminding me more than twice that he is also a spouse of a cancer patient (lymphoma).

Mammo and ultrasound on right breast is Monday, and I see that surgeon on Tuesday. Am scheduling a facial Tuesday morning . . . 8)


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I admire your confidence in your doctor, and your ability to appropriately shelve this away. I read somewhere earlier today in the newcommers column a statement from a woman who inspired me to live today as before cancer diagnosis. I think you are doing just that. It sounds as if your medical check ups are just as important as your facial appointments. :wink: And from the looks of your photo, they are both working.

My next check up is January too. I will shelve the "stuff" on the last CT away until then...what else can we do?

Congratulations. If your expert says it's good news, then it's good news.

Cindi o'h

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Hi Gail,

Just wanted to share with you that I too have a nodule we have been watching for over a year. Mine started out to be a 4 mm nodule, and has grown in to be an 8 to 9 mm nodule. I have my CT scan report right here in front of me, which I just had done last Monday. It says NO CHANGE. The 8/9 mm nodule has been that size for over 5 months now and I have a CT done every 4 months to keep an eye on it. (doctor's orders)! :) And your right they are toooooo small to biopsy. I can't tell you how many people have asked me that same question! But, it's nice to know people care!!! :)

Also, I have a very dear friend that lives in Iowa who is a soon to be 6 year lung cancer survivor and she had 2 nodules that they were watching for about 3 years. Low and behold they went away and nothing showed up on her last two CT scans. Soooooo?????? Those little buggers just hang around to drive us NUTS!!! :roll:

It's a good feeling when you know you can trust your Doctor and know he has your best interest in mind. I know I feel that way about my Doc's!

But, I also know I'm not there only patient, so I do keep track of things as well, incase they get too busy. 8)

Have fun doing your facial you lucky lady you!!!

Congrat's on the good news!!! And yes, I see it as good news also!!!


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