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Most the sponsors will always want to be on the top of the main page.. may have to change the layout of the main page sometime in the future. I thought it was pretty awsome that a sponsor in our actual realm wanted to purchase on the site.

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I hope people are clicking on the trial information. This sounds like an excellent trial for NSCLC patients stage 3 or 4. Criteria are:

ASSIST-2 Selected Inclusion Criteria:

Confirmed diagnosis of locally advanced or metastatic non-small cell lung cancer — Histologically confirmed non-small cell lung cancer, stage III or IV disease not curable with surgery, radiation or combined modality therapy

Recurrent non-small cell lung cancer after having already received two chemotherapy regimens including a platinum agent and Taxotere — Recurrent or resistant disease following two prior chemotherapy regimens which must have included a platinum agent and Taxotere given either concurrently or sequentially

Recurrent non-small cell lung cancer that can be measured with a CT scan, MRI scan or physical exam — Measurable disease according to RECIST criteria

ASSIST-2 Selected Exclusion Criteria:

Prior treatment with either TLK286 or Iressa — known history of prior TLK286 or geftinib therapy

Treatment with more than two prior chemotherapy regimens

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The site gets over 3.4 million hits per month. 184000 unique addresses.


Hats off to Katie and Rick. Your sacrifices to create this site, in memory of Katie's dad, have made such a difference in so many lives (and not just those of us who post).

Proof that one (or two :)) people can change the world a little bit at a time.

Thank you.


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