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7 degrees

cindi o'h

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Good morining friends,

Okay, we are in the single digits here in Minnesota this morning... ask any Minnesotan; We love to talk about the weather.

It sure makes it difficult to go outside though with a limping lung! The cold air makes it harder to breathe.

I am seeing the new pulmonologist today. I am hoping to see what she can do for me to keep me off the steroids. I have multi lung problems, including allergies to my pet :cry: radiation pneumonitis, and some kind of interstial fibrosis from the radiation, and we will see what else. oh yeah, I almost forgot....lung cancer too!!! :shock:

So, I will don my winter parka, put on a hat, mittens, and cover my airways with a scarf and trapse around town to pick up two years worth of xrays and scans for her to view.

I hope to have good things to report when I return....BRRRRR colder than a witchs' you know what...

(that one is for my firend, Pamela :lol: )

Love, Cindi o'h

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Hi Cindi, Nippy here too, but not quite that cold I don't believe! Hope you get good parking spaces and fast service at all the places you have to go, and that the pulm. can do something to help you stay off those nasty steroids!! I have CHF and I hate em a lot!

Not taking any right now and hope like you to not take them again!



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A warm 20 degrees here in southern IN !!!! Got the tanning oil on and sitting by the kiddie pool sipping a margarita(It's 5 O'clock somewhere!!) :lol::lol::lol::wink: We had little flurries yesterday and my little one Connor wanted to know if we could make snowmen yet! :D

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Not that cold here, but like a dummy I forgot to leave my water running and the temporay line froze--eek! I don't know if it will warm up enough to thaw today or not. So without water, once again.

So I will sit here and pray that where you are and where I am thaws nicely. And of course that you get great advice and greater news from the new pulmonary doc.

I will try to call later. Let me know when.

love and fortitude


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Hey -- sounds like we're having a heat wave -- 24 degrees here this morning - brrrrrrrrr!!

Cindi, I hope for really good things from the Pulmonologist. I frankly don't know what I would have done, or what I'd still be doing, without the one I have. He is terrific. And anything to avoid the steroids -- YES!!


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Getting cold here too, you know me - sweats - socks - slippers - fleece robe and hat......and that's when it's 50! Darn cancer made me cold! And I have an extra layer of blubber! :)

Glad you kept your appt, tell us what the doc said. I see the radiation oncologist tomorrow, gonna ask why I have this 7inch scar in the center of my chest. Though you got a bad sunburn and then it went away. Not only do I glow but I have a huge scar....I will say that it's the softest skin I have though! :?

Oh yeah, don't forget this nasty rash that's on my face.....it's down right gross now! :oops:

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Okay, friends.

Thanks for all the good weather reports from around the countries... Jackie, I know :!: you are bragging when you reported subz's...you can't fool me. You Canadians are crazed when it comes to your cold..

I did go to my app't . It is a story. :? I will post a new thread.

Cindi o'h

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Jackie. Okay, now you're rubbing it in that we Amercians down here can't do the math....

(And we can't)

No matter. Cold is cold. And my Canadian friends love their cold!! I had some kids (grad students) stay with me from Regina and the winter brought out the best in them. They complained about the heat of October, but as soon as December and January hit, they came through the front door always laughing and giggling about something.

Those Canadians!! :P

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Hi Cindi,

Thanks for the laugh. That was my Dad's favorite saying when it got cold.

I thought 19 for the low was cold but I guess I'm wrong. We are going to

warm up today to 45 so we'll be having a heat wave.

Glad to hear you went to the doc and I hope she/he can help you feel better.

Take Care, got to go shopping for the rest of Colton's Christmas.


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Hey Cindy,

Haven't made it outside yet, but with your weather report I may just want to stay indoors - Brrrrr I agree with Beth that I am a big freeze baby since I have gone through treatment. The hubby is still whining about no snow so he hasn't been able to ride his snowmobile, but hey I am NOT complaining!

I look forward to hearing what the doc said.


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