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Truly Thank God


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I think you probably read the news from TV or paper that tsunamis at South east Asia killed a lot of people. I want to let you know that God keep me safe and I really thank Him. Last Wednesday to Sunday, I was in Bintan, which is a small Indonesia Island near Singapore for vacation. I lived in a coastal resort. This Island locates very near to the earthquake.

Hallelujah. I plan to go there during Christmas originally but I think the fare is too expensive due to the holiday that I move it around 1 week forward. I understand that all things happen in His Time. I have many questions that why things go that way in particular timing, but I know one day, when I face to God in heaven, I will have all these answers and see the whole picture.

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I'm so glad to know you are safe. I have a cousin working in Thailand, and a week or so ago he was in the area that was hit, but he had moved to the other side of the country and was safe, also. It's such a huge tragedy for so many people. Thank goodness you were not harmed!


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