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Inspirational Lung Cancer Site


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Hi folks,

I just found a wonderful site that many of you have probably checked out before, but in case you haven't. here it is.


The originator of this site is Richard Bloch of the H&R Bloch company. He survived lung cancer with a terminal diagnosis back in 1978. He passed away this past June of heart failure. After he survived his diagnosis, he devoted the rest of his life to cancer research. There are very inspirational messages from him. There is also a place on the site where you can see how many people have survived 5 years or longer from a lung cancer diagnosis in your particular area where you live.

Hope that you like it.


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Dear Cathy,

I was one lucky person, in that I was able to meet Richard Bloch and his wife Annette? They were here in Minnesota about 3 years ago to open one of his cancer Parks. There are seveal all over the US and they are very beautiful and worth checking out. They were wonderful people, and I felt like I had known them all my life. Just very delightful people. I was sad to see that Richard had passed away, but even when I met him three years ago, he appeared frail. But, what a wonderful smile and hug he gave to everyone. His wife did too!

And yes Bo, that site is legit. :) There are a lot of sites out there that offer inspirational stories. ALCASE does too as does LCSC in the My Story Forum. There are many good stories in that forum.

Best to all,


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