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Scans and new chemo!


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It is so helpful to read this board and find that others feel as I do! I had a very weepy Holiday, like some others! Feeling better, emotionally, now!

I finished my first round of 6 cycles of Carboplatin and Etoposide on Dec. 16th. Had shot for anemia on the 23rd and another on Jan. 4th! Wonder if anemia causes depression?

My Scan shows my cancer is "Stable." This is very good as I had so much! It is gone except for 1/2 of the original lung tumor, a shrunken tumor in my liver and two lympth nodes. The Dr.and my husband and I decided to try for more "shrinking!" I start chemo on CPT 11 on Wednesday, Jan. 12th! Of course, I am a bit apprehensive about the new drug. It will be given once a week for 3 weeks and a 1 week break and three more weeks, once a week.

Like so many, I am scared! But, my decision was to fight and fight I will! I will give it my all to beat this stuff! Marge

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Marge, that is terrific! Well done! It's a tremendous lifter of spirits to have good scan results, so maybe that will help bump you out of your funk.

We're right here, so if you feel down, just come in and say so! I'm so very proud that you are fighting so hard, and sharing your experiences with us.

Happy New Year!


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boy, Marge!

The fact that you got through the holidays with anemia is remarkable in of itself! I don't know if anemia causes depression, but whoever has anemia has got to be feeling "punk" no matter what! Sorry you had to go through all of that...

Good news about the stable part though.

And getting those shots to help with the anemia.

You just keep right on fighting Marge. You ain't no Mouse... You is a LION!

love, Cindi o'h

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You just keep right on fighting Marge. You ain't no Mouse... You is a LION

Boy, let me ditto this!! Glad to hear your fightin' spirit, Marge. You'll do fine with the CPT 11....and I don't know if anemia can "cause" depression per se....but hey, with blood counts low enough to make you feel sorta puny and without any energy....who the heck is gonna want to smile? :roll:

Keep us posted...but you go, girl...and kick cancer in the patootie!!

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Best of luck with the CPT 11, I have heard it can do remarkable things.... as far as the depression goes, I don't think anemia can cause depression, but feeling crappy sure can and thus in essense... you could be depressed because of the anemia (does that make sense?) Will keep you in my prayers. Sharon

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Thank you for all the lovely replies and the support! You are a great group! I feel so good when I read good news on the board and so helpless when I read about recurrence. I guess it is all part of the disease, but I wish all could have good news all the time! We need more research and development of new drugs for SCLC!

From the lion, Marge

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