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Have Cancer - Will Travel


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On the 6th I got the final word that the cancer has progressed and the pleural effusion was bigger.

Thanks to all of the information on the this board, I am exploring several different options to determine what't the best for me at this time. Interestingly no one at the cancer center I go to could tell me about what various options were out there like promising clinical trials, etc. Truly it was the information gained from this board that pointed me in various directions that I then explored further with internet searches, emails, and phone calls. I've been very impressed with how helpful so many people have been when you find the right people to ask. This search has been time-consuming, exhausting and frustrating at times but at least I know that I have done everything that I possibly can do.

I faxed my records to MD Anderson for them to review and to see if they have anything to offer me. I'm planning a trip to Dana-Farber in Boston to explore if I am a possible surgical candidate. I leave tomorrow for an appointment at the Mary Crowley Medical Research Center in Dallas.

Any other suggestions from anyone?

I'll report back in when I find out more.

I'd really appreciate any prayers.

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I am so sorry to hear that horrible word "progression" again. You have the right attitude to fight this and I hope you find a Cancer Center with the right option for you.

Talking from experience, please have the pleural effusion taken care of. I let mine go too long and it eventually encased my entire lung. Thankfully the Denver Catheter worked and I have not had any fluid return since having it. Let us know your plan of action. Wishing you all the best.


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Hi Jane.

You sound like a true warrior! I am proud of you for doing whatever it takes to explore your options for the best treatment for the best possible outcome.

You are the kind of person who I admire and will remember, should I find myself in the same circumstance. Hats off to you for your courage and tenacity. Great job!

Cindi o'h

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I am so sorry to hear of the progression in your disease. So glad you had an alternative to the info that was being dulled out at your cancer ctr, by learning from this board. I swore early on, that I had to take control of this and yet still be guided by those that knew more ie: DR and nurses and researchers but if you have access to a computor, I encourage everyone to start their own research. Alias, Yes, not everything on the internet is true or believable.. BEWARE<<< no magic potion will do the trick... and alot on common sense must play a role in the information you collect, but ask questions, if in doubt. ...... :) I hope all is well again for you soon. I have you in my thoughts.......

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