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Haven't been here in a while.


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Dad had his surgery in October and did very well. The whole right lung was removed. He has now started on Taxol for 4 rounds. He had his first on January 6 and his second yesterday. If you remember, he is in WV and me in FL (Jacksonville, for all you NFL fans!). He lost all of his hair with the first round. Is that normal? This second dose really has him down. What can he do to help out with the nausea and weakness? What can we expect from here? Thanks so much!!

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Hi Amy-

I had Taxol but didn't loss my hair till chemo was over (go figure). The Taxol or Taxotere gave me a lot of pain and I was extremely weak. Make sure he takes his nausea pills regularly, don;t let it get bad or you'll never get it under control. Tell him to hang in there....we're with him!!!

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Amy, I was so glad to see your post. Have been wondering how your dad was doing. Glad to hear the surgery went so well. My mom did not lose her hair it just thinned out some. She did have alot of nausea for a few days after chemo. I am sure someone here will be able to help answer your questions. Thank you for updating. Keeping dad and you in my prayers. Haylee

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Hi Amy,

I'm glad to see you back. Have you called the doctor about the nausea? There are lots of things that can be given to help that. I assume he's getting pre-meds at infusion time for nausea, too.

My husband got sick after his first Gemzar infusion. After that, he took a compazine before each visit, got the pre-meds for nausea in the chemo room via i.v., and then took another compazine when he got home. All was doctor approved, of course.

I think the fatigue and weakness just go with plan, but should be reported to the doc as well.

Once again, welcome back.



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Glad your dad did so well with surgery. As for the taxol I didn't have it but I have heard stories that it is a really harsh chemo and very effective. Tell him to take his nausea pills as directed. Even if he does not feel nauseous at the time to take them as scheduled. It is much easier to prevent that cure.


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It's so hard to answer those questions because every one is different. I hope your Dad has a doctor he can communicate with. I know my husband had Taxol , but with Carboplatin. He did experience aching joints, fatigue and hair loss, but it's hard to say what exactly what chemo did what. Premeds are given with these drugs to try to prevent nausea , but if that doesn't take care of it, there are a variety of meds available to help. I hope he will find out about it. There's no need in unneccessarily being that ill. Sure hope he will look into this. He should discuss all his side affects with the doctor. Sometimes , people assume they have to feel horrible when in fact they do not.

My prayers to you and your family. Hope your Dad will feel better soon.


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