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Can someone explain the chemo to me?


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When I asked Dad to talk to his doctor about which chemo he was getting, the doctor wrote down for him Taxol and Carboplatin (sp?). What is the difference? I had mentioned just Taxol last time, but rememebered dad telling me that after I read here the word carboplatin. I was thinking that the carboplatin was the med for his nausea. Excuse my ignorance here. Since he lives so far away and the doctors don't return calls at the VA Hospital, I have to rely on him to tell me everything. He usually can't remember all the details and his girlfriend gets confused as well. I know you guys know what is going on! Thanks! He is taking something for the nausea, but he spelled it really fast, and I didn't get to take it down.

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Amy, I too am recieving care from the VA.I had 35 radiation treatments along with 7 rounds of carboplatin and Taxol.(the same as his)

Don is correct they are both chemos and they will also give (probably) benedryl & other meds also in IV for alergic reaction and other things.

This did a good job for me as I have been stable now for just over a year.However I did have an allergic reaction to one of them(i think it was the carbo but not sure) & it was a real bad experiance.That happened after 5 or 6 rounds of it.

Make sure they do bloodwork before each round and make sure his bloodcounts are OK.I also would recomend having a port.I didn't and that was a mistake on my part.

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Hi Amy.

I had the combination of taxol and carboplatin too. Then taxotere as it wasn't quite as harsh on me...(side effects of decreased neutrophils). It is pretty potent stuff and it makes most people pretty sick. I am not surprised that he lost his hair. I did too. Your Dad lucked out on the radiation, huh? I bet he is holding nothing back from you. If there were cancer in the lymphs, they would be giving him radiation. I think he is being honest with you.

Cindi o'h

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My husband had taxotere and carboplatin. He did fine with the carboplatin, but had a very scary allergic reaction to the taxotere on the 3rd treatment. They tried again on the 4th treatment with extra Benadryl, but it happened again and even worse. He finished the cycle with carboplatin only.

Prayers for your dad.



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