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Question about Chemo


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Hi All,

I have a question about Chemo. I read in some people's posts that some people really seem to have trouble swollowing during or after treatments. What Iam trying to find out is, is this from Chemo or just from radiation.

If it is from Chemo, I am concerned because Joel has a hard time swallowing as it is. It has gotten worse, which may or may not have been brought on by the Thyroid ( which is in the throat area)

He always had a gagging reflux, but lately it has seem to have gotten worse.

He probably will have chemo carbo/toxal with no radiation, when he is stronger. But I was curious about the swallowing situation.



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Hi Maryanne.

I had radiation and chemo together for six weeks. I had swallowing problems that I relate to the radiation. As soon as the radiation stopped my esophagus started to heal. The chemo intensified the radiation damage. The radiation was to the lymph node system around my esophagus/trachea...

If Joel is getting just the chemo and not the radiation, I don't think that he will be having troubles in this area. That is what I am thinking anyway. I was taking Nexium during treatment.. before treatment and after treatment too.. If he is having acid reflux diseasenow might be good to get him evaluated for a proton acid pump inhibitor if he already isn't taking one.

Cindi o'h

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I agree with the others that most of the time problems arise from the radiation. I actually found about the cancer by having acid reflux problems that they were examining me for. I would definetly see if he is having a problem with that. It is pretty easy to diagnose and pretty easy to treat with a pill and change in eating habits. Add chemo to the mix and my reflux actually got worse for a little while.

I did however have problems from my surgery that paralyzed one of my vocal cords. Early on I had tons of gagging problems and was actually hospitalized for a week because I couldn't get anything down my throat without gagging on it. This type of problem occurs in about 3-5% surgical lung patients. Could this add to Joel's problem? Who knows it doesn't hurt to find out.

Hopefully Joel will glide on through the chemo without any more problems and that the gagging will subside soon.

Lets us know how he is doing,


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Nothing new to add to what the others have said, just wanted to concur that Bill had swallowing problems as well that we associated with the radiation. Shortly after he finished....his throat began feeling better.

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