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Prayers Please?


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My Mom's Mom passed away on Tuesday... She was living in Idaho, but the services and such will be back in Illinois where Mom and Dad are... Mom also had a rotten at the hopsital too much week struggling with blood counts and transfusions and such. I'm worried about Mom and Dad with all that's going on and now THIS with family descending... They are going to try very hard to keep the burden off of them as much as possible, but I know some of it is inevitable. And we're all very sad about Gramma of course.

I will not be able to travel to be at the funeral because the baby is due to be here any day now. I was, thankfully, able to travel to say my goodbyes to her back in Idaho.

And... Mom had a CAT scan today that we are waiting the results of...

So if you have some extra prayers to spare for any and all of the above, we would be so grateful!


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Prayers! So sorry to hear about your grandma and the fact that your parents have to deal with this on top of everything. Sorry you also have to go through all the stress and everything on top of getting ready to become a mother. So many prayers for you and your family. Please let us know about the scan


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