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We still don't have our house sold. But with Dave's sudden turn for the worse, or should I say the sudden onset of mets, I feel that we need to get it sold and move into town very much sooner than later. The area we want to move into is pretty popular right now and decent houses sell fast, within days. I've been keeping my eye on the MLS online and found a good house for sale that would suit us very well at a very affordable price - good neighborhood, quiet dead end street/culdesac, easy to take care of. So I met the real estate agent there yesterday and I decided I want to put a contract on it. Dave was too sick to come. He told me on the cell phone while I was there and again last night to go for it, he trusted my judgment, and he'd try to look at it today or tomorrow or soon. The agent and I decided to drop the price on our house and do a big push to get it sold soon. We may have over priced it to begin with. and he's got someone from D.C. coming to look at it this coming week - and D.C. folks are used to high prices!

anyway, I'm half way excited about a new start in a nice fairly new house, and half sad that I'm making decisions like this on my own. I told my "cool" boss this morning that I sort of missed the experience of standing in the front yard of the house having a spirited "discussion" with Dave about the pros and cons of buying the house as we would have done normally.

Again I'm venting here, sorta. But wish us luck in getting our house sold and buying this new one. it really is ideal for us at this time in our lives. I drove by it this morning with Faith and asked her if she'd like to live in it, and she said "Me go here? Mommy go? Daddy go? Puppy go? Maddy go? (the old dog)" me sleep up there? (pointing to the upstairs). I said, yes, and she said OK! Way too cute!


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Oh Karen, I really hope all of this will work out for you. The new house sounds great for your family! It seems like Faith included everyone in the move in planning...lol! That was so cute! I know how hard it is for you to make these decisions on your own but I also know that you are very strong and that you have yor head on straight so I'm sure you will make the right decisions. I know that Dave trusts your judgement and you should take that as a compliment. I am praying that your house will sell this weekend!!! Be strong and know that we are all pulling for you!!!

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Boy, can I relate. I have such sorrow and such joy about moving, but I know it is the right thing to do. I know you feel the same way. I looked and looked and looked some more at townhouses. As soon as I walked in the front door of the one I bought, I knew it was the right house - my house.

This is an unbelievable emotional time for you all and to move on top of it is ....., well, I can't think of a strong enough word.

You are in my thoughts dear Chapmans.

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Hey guys, life changes and it's not always for the best.

We are selling our lake front property that we bought years ago. Schools suck and with me being sick, it doesn't make sense anymore. It is so hard.......we have an acre on a huge beautiful lake and we were going to build there and live happily ever after! It was our dream for over 10yrs. Now our dreams are health and many years together.

All that matters now is that we are all together! It could be in a tent and I would be happy!

We still need to get together! Hope Mom is doing well. Hang in there Karen you can do it!

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We wanted to sell our house "in the city" mid-2002. Looked at houses, couldn't find one we really liked that "fit" us and no one wanted to buy ours. We let the listing run out and one month after it ran out, I was diagnosed. While recuperating, I worked on the ol' thing and we sold it within three weeks of putting it on the market again. Ended up with a new house out of it, acreage, size - you name it.

Everything happens for a reason, believe it.

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We were building for the first time in our lives....sort of a dream home, all on one level, out in AZ and just up the block from my dearest friend and her hubby. We've been best friends since I was 13. That's 45 years!!

From design to now...almost done...this house has our "stamp" on it. And sometime during the end of chemo last fall, I decided I wasn't ready to move away from my medical team OR our oldest son. So...the house will go on the market when it's done and we aren't moving. Turns out to have been a good decision, since my cancer came back. Like Becky said....things happen for a reason!

This is a southwestern style house.....well, actually, the designers called it a "Sonoran Tuscan" design. All on one level, basically....but there are some steps here and there, just no more than 2 or 3, with soaring ceilings....up to 16'. It has granite countertops and tile floors and a pool with a spa and waterfall and a disappearing/infinity edge!! Oh, and a utility/craft room to die for. Floor to ceiling white cubboards on three walls, a black and white tile floor and backsplash, a center island on locking casters so it can be moved...and the room is 17' X 12'! Bigger than two bedrooms and the office!! 8)

So much of us has gone into this house...and we'll never live in it. <> But you know....it's just a house! What matters more, is the people in our lives....not WHERE we are. Things happen...and sometimes you gotta drop back and punt...which is what you're doing Karen. You'll find just the right house in the city and your lives will be simpler for living closer in!

We are going to require pictures once you find the house...I hope you realize that. So keep your camera handy!

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