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Miracle Angel Dust Coming


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The last month many of us have had re-occurances, major side effects from the treatments, stresses, job issues, health care issues and other life's trauma's.

It sure doesn't seem fair and to be totally honest - I AM ANGRY as hell about it.

Is there something in the air this month that is causing so much heartache? Is it the stale air from the winter upon us?

SOooooooooooooooooo, I am sending a little angel dust through the board (and little Lysol too) in hopes that will make the cancer demons run the other way.

Peace, hope, returned good health to one and all,


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Thanks Wendy,

I am taking my angel dust and spreading it all around for our members to grab hold of.

G-d knows there are so many set backs lately, that we can use these little angles throwing dust all around this board!!

Heres hoping it lands on our friends here who need it most.


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Thanks for the Angel Dust...and the Lysol!!!!! I certainly can use both with all of these various flu/bugs/viruses that are going around here in Florida!!!!

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