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I know this is totally off topic, but what's your favorite kind of music?

Who do you enjoy listening to?

My favorite kind of music is contemporary Christian and praise & worship. I LOVE Selah, Chris Rice, Michael W. Smith, I could go on, but I won't. :wink:

Recently I got a massage, and the lady was playing some very beautiful music, very relaxing. So, a few days later I called her and asked what it was. She said it was probably Carlos Nakai, a Native American flute player. Have any of you heard his music?? OMG It's just the most beautiful music I've ever heard. I ordered one of his cds on amazon.com and got it a couple of days ago and am wearing it out!

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I love music, its a BIG part of our lives. About the only thing I cannot handle is the heavy metal and rap. Just cant do those. Love older rock and roll like 70's i guess. We had tickets to see Elton John last weekend in Shreveport,La and he cancelled, said he was feeling "unwell", hopefully he will reschedule.

My boyfriend is always dragging me around to kareoke(sp) he loves to sing and he is go good. He also does a singing/comedy pirate act with his youngest son. They perform mostly at renaissance faires and private parties.


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Ann, let me know what you think! The cd I got is 'In Beauty We Return'.

I just ordered another one by Nicole, called 'Passion Spirit', also Native American flute. Can't wait for that one to get here!

I have a love for music too, all kinds.

I used to have Cindy Lauper, Tears for Fears, Boy George.. lol Also like Garth Brooks and Valen Halen.

In classical, I like Vivaldi, Mozart, Bach, Bethoven...

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