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KatieB 4000

Don Wood

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Our gal, KatieB, has made her 4000th post, continuing her love, advice and support as she has done since the site began. Katie, thanks to you and Rick for continuing your great support of all of us. May blessings abound in your household. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You're a jewel. Don

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I don't know that there are even words to communicate my appreciation for you and Rick and this site.

You through this site made Becky's last year so much more fulfilling to her, providing her a place to vent, to learn, to minister, to know she was not alone, but most of all, to hope.

You made my first year as a widower so much more complete, giving me a place to express all the emotions I felt, a place where I could feel connected to Becky and our common fight against lung cancer, a place to laugh and cry and minister, and a place to hope for continued healing and optimism for the future.

That is the best I can do. It scratches the surface of my gratitude, but that is all. Thank you so much.


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Words could never express how very grateful I am for your brainchild. Although I TRULY wish you never had reason to even think of a site for lung cancer support, I am so thankful you did.

I stumbled upon this site at one of the lowest points in my young life. I was mired in a pity pool and scared to death that if I went to sleep, I surely wouldn't wake up again. I had read the statistics on lung cancer and all the different types and stages and the grim prognosis. I was scared, so scared and I had no idea what my next move should be...

...and then, one of my searches for SURVIVORS of lung cancer (a logical search when reading grim statistics) lead me here....and I lurked for a while and I grew stronger. I regained my hope and won back a bit of myself that I thought was gone forever. YOU did that for me, however far removed the first initial inkling for a site was from the moment it flipped a switch for me, YOU are responsible for it.

Thank you, so very much for what you have started here. I needed the kick start. I'm sure I would end up in this emotional place of acceptance and moving on at some time, but it may not have been any time soon.

No matter how sad the world seems at times and how often it is proven that life truly isn't fair and doesn't come with guarantees, I keep coming back here. I've lost friends, I've lost fellow soldiers in the footwar and I've lost little pieces of my heart many times over, but I keep coming back to offer that support to the next person walking in my shoes, to let them know that there IS hope and that people ARE surviving and that pain is not acceptable and that they are EMPOWERED to take control of their life - however long or short it may be.

Here, there is Hope. There are hugs to be had, shoulders to cry on and hands to lift you up. What a wonderful little place it is, an oasis in a desert of despair!

Thanks again, Katie!



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