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5 for 4/17


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1.) The buds are beginning to appear on my Japaneese Laceleaf Maple tree.

2.) Hubbie put the fountain out in the back yard.

3.) I felt like walking around the yard (with my cane) to see what is coming up.

4.) My Hubbie is so paitent, he even suggested that we need to go to the nursery to pick out some new plants. He'll try anything to get me out of the house.

5.) My computer isn't crashing every 10 minutes!!! It's even better than I ever remember! No more pop-ups either. I think my Sister's Fiancee must have done some extra stuff to the old gal.


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1. I'm not just grateful, it is a miracle, all the delivery people showed up and on time yesterday.

2. A glass of Pinot Noir after a long day of lugging boxes and unpacking

3. Pansies and their cute little faces

4. Knowing just how rich Becky is

5. A week without rain.

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Among my blessings I count:

1) Today's my mother's birthday - I'm glad she was born so I could be!

2) Mark planted some grass in the yard yesterday.

3) My boy, who is learning some tough lessons right now but is still resilient.

4) My stepson WILL find a job today.

5) I have Monday and Tuesday off, too!

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1. weather in Minnesota..the differences in patterns...nothing remains the same. Today, dense fog and it is beautiful and serene.

2. firewood for the beautiful fire in the fireplace. 3. enjoying the fire all by myself. No guy to get in there to mess things up

4. Jackie's computer is up and working. I really missed her.

5. Melanie's computer is back up too.

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Today I am thankful:

1. For another beautiful and good day.

2. That hubby is once again out on his Kawasaki.

3. That Melanie was able to walk around the yard. YAY!!

4. That Ginny is moved and about to begin a new phase of her life. (I love you, Ginny!)

5. For having a dirty house to clean today because I'm so thankful I have a house to clean.

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1. Good friends who are helping me with my side business

2. Zyrtec, Allegra and any other allergy medicine to take away the itching and sneezing

3. The majority of my house is clean

4. The beautiful chinese babies at the park yesterday, Lily and Trevor and the wonderful parents who adopted them and love them like nothing else(including the Chapman's in that one)

5. I have tomorrow off!!!!!!!

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