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Mom's brain radiosurgery


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Mom is scheduled to have this done next Friday. Drs. seem very hopeful and say that it has an 80% success rate. I am still a little uneasy with the procedure because according to the article we all read last week, CT-guided radiofrequency ablation seems to be have a higher success rate. I wonder if it is just not offered in Cincinnati.

Does anyone think I should be trying to get her somewhere to have radio ablation instead?

The Dr. said that what she is having done does not use heat, it uses gamma rays, so the two are very different.

In the meantime today, while out at Linens and Things, mom started getting double vision (first time ever), so we are heading over to get an emergency MRI. I pray for the best with this. It freaked us both out!

Please share your thoughts about her treatment. Pretty please...


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Thanks Peggy. Dr. Cunningham even answered my question already!! You guys are good!! Also, we already got the MRI and they say she is unchanged which is awesome!! We were all kind of thinking it was a new met that was causing the blurred vision. Her eyes seem back to normal now, but onco doc said that if she wakes up and has any blurriness tomorrow, to go to the ER-oh yey. That is at least a 3-4 hour wait. Thanks again.

Love, me

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Hi Lori,

Praying everything comes out positive for you mom. This such a stressful time for both of you. But it will soon be over and she will be on her road to recovery.

Praying for positive outlook.


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