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Interesting New Insurance Development.


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*sigh* Did I tell you guys that Mom "retired"/was layed off in September 2 months before her diagnosis because she was working at the Maytag plant that closed up in favor of heading to Mexico? Well... yeah.

Today we read in the paper that the Maytag Corporation is being bought by a private company. That means interesting things for Mom and Dad's shares of stock in the company, questionable things about their pensions... And...

It doesn't look good for their health insurance. Mom is too young to qualify for Medicare as far as I know. And we all know she has a pre-existing condition.

I'm not really looking for answers here. We'll start figuring things out as we go when we have a better idea of what's going to happen, but we sure would appreciate prayers for God's provision on this one.


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Your plate is so full you now need a platter to hold everything. Hard to imagine you have yet this one more thing to try to figure out. I am so sorry.

Please try to hang in there. I just feel something has got to give for you soon. In the meantime I am praying insurance can sort of resolve itself - at least temporarily - so you can catch your breath.

Sending prayers and strength to you and your whole family at this very trying time.


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I'm so sorry that on top of everything else, you have to worry about health insurance now. I hope things in this area resolve quickly so that the focus can be kept on fighting this da** disease. That's more than enough to worry about.

Prayers continue.

Gail p-m

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Ginny is right. Call SS and get the papers sent for disability. If she qualifies-probably no problem there--they have a six month waiting period from the last date you were able to work. It then starts. Medicare will start 2 yrs. later. Her regular ins. or COBRA should be available so her pre-existing should not matter.


(Been there done it)

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She's applied for the SS Disability. That should kick in next month. But if things hit the fan and they lose the Cobra for whatever reason the lapse-time before the Medicare kicks in could get interesting.

Thanks for the info. Hopefully it'll pan out ok. That's what we're praying for.

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