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Melanie M, Melanie R, Bet Place et al,


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I agree that I too am thinking of the three of you and hold you near and dear in my prayers.

I also wish to add that we have SEVERAL members that we haven't heard from in a while as well, and I don't want ANYONE to feel like they are being left out when offering prayers and that we miss seeing you here on the board.

God be with you all.

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Hello, hello, hello!!!! I have been w/out a computer all this time. We got a virus which wiped out our hard drive and it has taken time and $$ to get fixed.

Today is treatment 17 out of 20, so almost done. I am so swollen from the steroids I look like a chipmunk. Someone on here described crawling up her stairs on her hands and knees and I truly thought she was exaggerating...I now know she was serious. These are some BBBBIIIIGGGG swollen knees. Hair is gone too. Have some kind of cough/cold too. And insomnia.....thank God for Ambien.

My oldest graduates Friday night. I can't believe it. She is going to Texas State University and made the Strutters Dance Team. We are so excited!!! It's quite an honor.

Life is stil good. I am truly happy just to be here, it feels like life has given me a 2nd chance. My husband is loving having me at home each day, laundry stays caught up, nice dinner, things getting done. My vision is still the same, I am adjusting though. Have talked to others who say it took almost a year. OK, I'll take that. I'll take this, if this is all I get.

"We live by faith....not by sight".

Love to all,


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How wonderful to see you post. It is something how dependent we become of our computers, isn't it? Glad you got yours all fixed up.

How proud you must be of your oldest graduating and all squared away with college and everything!!! Are your knees going to allow you to attend graduation?

I was especially happy to hear there may be improvement in your sight - albeit after almost a year. That is SOMETHING to look forward too.

My prayers are that you are doing well - and seems you are. Some prayers answered. Will need to start asking some new "favors" for you now.

((((Melanie)))) for a great graduation weekend!


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Thank you for posting!! Great to hear from you.

I know how it is to have computer problems, but losing your hard drive is a big one. :shock:

So glad you came back and posted to let us know how you are doing. :D

Congratulations on your oldest daughter gratuating and what an honor for her making the Strutter dance Team. I know you are so proud of her. :mrgreen:

You sound good, and seem to be keeping yourself busy with home chores. I am so glad your treatments seem to be working for you. I know your wonderful Addietude has something to do with that. Keep the faith as it is certainly working for you. You are an inspiration!!

You are always in my prayers.


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Melanie, it is so great to hear from you and even better to hear how wonderful you are doing. Isn't it great when our children accomplish their goals and turn into beautiful adults? Please keep in touch!!!

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