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I did something I thought was funny


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I have just been miserable since my mommy left me and haven't had a good belly laugh in so long, I can't remember the last time. (until today)

I just had to share this with you all....

I was sitting here by myself and of course giving myself a pitty party. "oh my life is so horrible, why me?" yada yada yada

I decided to listen to some music, that would make things worse.... well.... do you remember that song by The Village People, Y.M.C.A? I was sitting on the couch and before I could stop myself I was doing the arm thing, You know, with the Y M C A? After the second verse I was laughing so hard at myself with tears running down my face and my arms in the air just SINGING..... YMCA...... too funny!

I don't know what my point is really. Just wanted to share my story with y'all .... I hope you have a good belly laugh today!!!


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Good for you Renee!! It's great to have one of those incredibly silly moments..especially when you're by yourself!! Good thing no one was looking in the window, huh? :lol:

Your post made me smile and thanks to you, I now have that damn song stuck in my head!!!! ARGH...help, get it out!!! :shock:

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