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5 for 6/29/05


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1.) I just love my Aunt Meldia! She has been so concerned about me - she does not want me to get stressed so she never told me that my 90 year old Grandmother has been in the hospital since Sun. From what they can tell, it's acid reflux. WHEW!

2.) All the love & support from my on-line family.

3.) My Hubbie's family has come up with some awesome donations for auction for the foundation.

4.) Having my faith in humanity restored - I can hardly believe the outpouring of caring & support for the foundation. We've barely just begun & some of the donations are mind blowing!

5.) My back door neighbor had a get away with her little girl. The Husband/Father, passed away last week from malignant melanoma. They really needed a little Mom & daughter time. They came back smiling & laughing. I invited them over for some lemonade on my new porch swing

Hugs & Prayers,


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1) That we are posting 5's again

2) Esophagus procedure today was uneventful - did not

stop breathing with lips blue like 2 weeks ago

3) All the caring found on this site

4) Absentee posters have returned

5) The WONDERFUL caregivers who diligently do all

they do for us.....thank you all


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1) I've been married to the most wonderful man for 2 years as of today.

2) That most wonderful man arranged for flowers to be sent before he left, and sent me the most beautiful email.

3) Mom has oodles of family coming to visit

4) Carolyn looked darling in a little watermelon outfit today.

5) There might be storms tonight!

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my first 5 with you guys (though I have done versions of it elsewhere) so here goes...

1. my mom is a fast healer, already home from the hospital and feeling pretty darn good, all things considered.

2. my job is super-supportive of my need to take this time with her, they only called me 4 times today (har har)

3. my boyfriend of almost three years is supportive, sometimes a little late with it, but perfect

4. LCSC, period. I would be lost without you all.

5. I remembered, again, how limitless the love of god is.

good night, friends.



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My 5

1. Mom is here visiting from NC

2 I love my hubby and he loves me!

3 My son visited today

4 Katie made me a web site I will always cherish

5 My brother and Sister are arriving tomorrow for a week visit from NC

God Bless you all,


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1. Today is my daughter's 32nd birthday and she is happy and well.

2. I found out that a polyp that was taken out of my colon last week is NOT malignant.

3. It was a beautiful day today...although very hot.

4. All of you here on LCSC. I need to be with you all a few hours a day.

5. I am very greatful to be here, alive, over 2 years after dx.


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1. Am leaving again this a.m. for 2 more days at the beach with 2 fun friends.

2. Reconnected and made plans to go out for dinner with a friend whose husband died about 3 months ago from pancreatic cancer.

3. Paid vacation days.

4. Maintenance free townhouse living.

5. Terrific new neighbors (thought none could be better than my old neighborhood)

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