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Attn: BRAT!


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Thank you, guys.

Brian is really feeling crappy. He is just wiped out. I have to tell you the truth:

I am scared to death.

I can't sleep.

I can't work.

I can only think about lung cancer and my husband.

That phone call on Monday informing us of the 'significant and rapid progression' has absolutly changed Brian.

He suffered so valiantly with the 5 rounds of chemo and was so happy that he only had to take a pill a day and not even go back to the doc till Aug. These spur of the moment ct scans and immediate doc appointment has just knocked the pins from under him.

I have done a good job of keeping my fears to myself (you guys would be proud of me), but this is the hardest thing I have ever done.

Thank you for caring and please continue prayer.


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Hi Pat,

Hopefully the outcome of the scan and dr. apppointments will not be as devastating as you may believe. My thoughts are that the doctor may be trying to keep a step ahead with these.

Please know that all of us understand your fear and anxiety. We are here to try to support you as best we can. I can tell you are remaining steadfast in your own support of Brian.

It is ALMOST Thursday. Please lean on me as you face the day. I offer my strength and hope to accompany you along with the prayers of the many who love you both.

Waiting to hear your news.

((((((PAT & BRIAN))))))



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Oh, Pat...I hate that this is happening...but am holding out for some options today, when you see the doc.

Know that you're in my ongoing conversations with God. I want for Brian to see some improvement and lessening of his fears...and for you to find the strength to get thru whatever comes. But mostly I'm hoping that the onc will have an answer for the progression that will WORK.

I was whacked sideways when I learned that my cancer had shown up in liver and pancreas. But I'm doing fine at the moment....stable, at least, with some possible shrinkage since the initial 50% shrinkage. It's all a matter of finding what works...and believing that it CAN work!!

I hope the onc will find something that will work for Bri...something you both can believe in! Know we are here for you...and maybe you should ask the doc for something to help you sleep? You need to keep up your own strength and not get sick from lack of rest, Pat. Think about it. A little Ativan might just do the trick!

You're on my mind....keep us updated when you can.

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Pat, you are in my prayers.

What you're going through is unimaginable, and I have to share something with you that the Lord reminded me of yesterday, and it is this: The battle is NOT yours, it's the Lord's. Remember in II Chronicles when Jehoshaphat was about to be attacked from all over. He was afraid, but he prayed, sought the Lord, and fasted. The Lord told him to not be afraid, that the battle wasn't his, but the Lord's. How awesome is that?

We just have to be still, and KNOW that He is God.

I'm praying for you both!


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