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Law suit-broken leg

Cindy RN

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Some of you know about this but the lawsuit is done-Guess what!! The hospital wins.

I have had a really bad last week. I fell on an ice patch in Feb 2003 outside the radiology dept. at the hospital. It was my first week of treatment so I was not in the best of spirits anyway. I fell and broke my leg and had surgery that evening. As it turns out the area had not been salted and there were several witnesses to the facts, they were in the waiting room and saw me when it happened. I tried to get the hospital to pay the bill and they refused. I ended up getting an attorney and sued. We finally got to court this last Tues and I was there 9 hrs, then Wed 9 hrs. Then on Thurs all of the sudden something happened and the lawers and judge were argueing and I had no idea what was up. Turns out my lawyer had filed an incorrect name on the originnal suit. Well everything changed and it was dismissed. The jurors left and I sat there with him--trying to explain how sorry he was --all I could think of is I messed with this for over 2 yrs. I don't know how long I have and I screwed around with this for what!!

Well I have gripped enough. I just needed to vent and get this off my chest. I still am so angry at the hospitals lack of compassion and I guess if I have to have radiology again I will have to go elsewhere. I will still use the hospital for any oncology, my Dr is there. BUT I WILL never set foot in that dept. again.


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I can understand your frustration with this!!! How awful. I know it should be over and done with by now but wouldn't your lawyer be obligated to file the lawsuit again at no extra cost to you? I realize you hate the thought of ggoing through the process and hassle again, but don't your lawyers owe you this one.

Gail p-m

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I don't know about the law, it is a nasty business and emotionally, I dread the thought of what strength all of this has sapped from you. It does sound like legal malpractice. I don't know if you are up to fighting anymore or if burying this and putting it in your past would be your best option. These kinds of things must be weighed against what potential harm they do to us in our spirits and in our bodies.

I hope that you can come to peace with this whatever you decide to do.

Cindi o'h

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Feel so bad for you.

Here in Canada, mistake a lawyer

do would be reported unless he takes

steps to settle with his client first.

He could be reprimanded and get a fine.

Just ask?????? there must be something for you.

Good luck.


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Cindy,it must have felt as if someone pulled the plug on you...after so much time "nothing" ,because of a stupid mistake for which you cannot even blame yourself.I would have had the lawyer with salt and pepper...I am sorry for you


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This is the first time I have been here since I wrote this.

You are so right I am so drained. I had my son and his wife here all week so until they left yesterday I had something to do. Now it is just like I can not get myself in gear.

My sister is a laywer and she said he could be sued. There is no way I would even dream of going thru this again. I look back now at the time this thing took away from me and I can't imagine starting again. Besides I did not have to pay him anything-he does these on contengency(sp)

Thanks for the thoughts.

I will go back to work tomorrow in my old car and dream of winning the publishers clearinghouse prize! HA!

Love Cindy

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Cindy, I can't believe it. Is there anything he can do to correct this mistake he made? How about pay your bills. Call the Bar Association on him and report him.

Easier said then done, I know. I can not believe you went through all of this for his blunder.



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I agree with Jen, contact the Bar Association and see what recourse you have without the agony of a lawsuit.

He messed up big time and maybe they have some influence in this kind of instance.

It's so comforting to know that hospital administrators are such a compassionate group.........no wonder they chose a profession that takes care of people!!!

Take care


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I won't even start on the hospital admin.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted:

I tried to get them to pay the med bills in Feb 2003 when I fell and they said I had ins. to do that. I still had the deduct. I had to pay PLUS I was going thru chemo and Rad. at the time which made for a horrible recoup!!


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